New 2020 COVID 19 Measures at Great Canadian Bungee

As of June 8th 2020, Great Canadian Bungee will reopen, after being closed for its first month of operations due to the industry lockdown measures put in place by the Premiere of the province of Quebec. With the pandemic ongoing in the province, a cautious return to organized outdoor activities has been authorized by INSPQ, with the understanding that measures will be taken by everyone to do their part to continue efforts to limit the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

Great Canadian Bungee is excited to welcome back it's loyal adrenaline seeking customers and promises to continue to deliver Canada's top thrill adventure all while putting forth all necessary efforts to protect its clients and staff from the risk of infection of Covid 19. There will be no noticeable negative effect on the adventure experience during bungee jumping and Zipline activities and the measures that will be in place for guests and staff are the same ones that people across the province are now becoming accustomed to.

What You Can Expect From Great Canadian Bungee:

1- A comprehensive Covid 19 Plan has been developed dealing with every zone of the facility.

2- GCB's Covid 19 Plan has been developed with ressources from INSPQ, AEQ and CNESST.

3- GCB's Covid 19 Plan outlines heightened sanitation requirements for the following areas:


  • toilets and hand washing station
  • surfaces and infrastructure
  • equipment 
  • employee hand washing

4- GCB's Covid 19 plan emphasizes social distancing and contactless service.

5- Where contactless service is not possible GCB employees will be wearing recommended protective equipment (face masks).

6- Clear and regular communication in regards to any necessary changes to the GCB Covid 19 Plan.



What will be expected from the client at Great Canadian Bungee:

1- Respect GCB's Covid 19 Plan and staff instructions on site.

2- Hand washing at various intervals during the experience, primarily as you enter the site.

3- If the client feels sick, they should rebook their activity.

4- Respect the space of others and maintain 2m distance to those not from the same household.

5- The client should bring his or her own hand sanitizer and a mask.

6- The client should fill out his waiver and send electronically prior to arrival.

7- Consult and respect the travel advisory for your region on

At Great Canadian Bungee we are known for providing a safe environment for all our clients and over the past 30 years, we have focused on improving our systems, technology and team, to be an industry leader in bungee jumping. Covid 19 is a challenge that we approach with the same methods and we are very confident that with our preparation, the jump and zipline experience we will provide will truly be better than ever! 

For any questions in relation to COVID 19 or to see a copy of GCB's Covid 19 plan, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.